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Kindness Is Contagious

Kindness Is Contagious

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Contrary to the old cliche, "nice guys" actually finish first. They live longer. They're happier. They have more friends. They're more successful.

We totally agree. We're working hard to be kind -- and to promote civility and respect in the CultureSonar community. Fortunately, we attract a lot of nice people, like you...

This charming film lays out the scientific case for kindness. We want you to have a copy, FREE.

The film is narrated by Catherine Ryan Hyde, the best-selling author of the novel (and film) Pay It ForwardKindness Is Contagious profiles cutting-edge scientists and best-selling authors from Berkeley to Harvard and everywhere in between as well as real life people, from all walks of life, whose lives illustrate their incredible discovery: it pays to be nice!

Here's the trailer.

To help spread the "good virus" of kindness, we're giving away 100 copies of the film. Choose Streaming or DVD.

We hope you enjoy it! Give one to someone you like, too. That'd be, well, nice.