"Deconstructing The Beatles' ABBEY ROAD" Limited Edition Superfan Set

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It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since Scott gave his first Deconstructing the Beatles lecture, to a bunch of friends in his living room. We’re so grateful for all the support you’ve given us since then, as the series has grown to nine full-length films that Scott has presented all over the country. 

Having reached Number Nine, as it were, we’re doing something really special for our upcoming Deconstructing set on Abbey Road.

We’ve had more requests for Abbey Road than for anything we’ve done. We certainly understand why. Recorded on 8-track, it was arguably the best-sounding Beatle album. It was also their last, and we think you can hear the melancholy in the grooves. They also made their best effort. The songs, the performances and the production are just great.

There’s so much good stuff, in fact, that we had to make TWO Deconstructing Abbey Road films: one for Side One and another for Side Two.

The regular two-film set will be available on DVD and streaming this fall, BUT to mark this special occasion, we’re creating a limited-edition set for our ever-supportive Superfans that you can order right now. Let Scott explain...

Here’s what we’re making: 

• For starters, we’ll add your name, along with the other Superfans' names, to the DVD packaging, to the accompanying poster AND to the films themselves. 

• Here’s what the DVD will look like. Your name will be right upfront.


• The poster is quite like it, but even bigger -- so all the names are even easier to read. Plus, Scott will autograph it.

• And we’ll add your name to the end credits of the film, so everyone who ever sees it on DVD or streaming will know you helped us make it.

You’ll also receive a cool, Apple-authorized canvas of the iconic Abbey Road photo, from our friends at Steiner Sports. It’s 24 x 36 inches and will look great on your wall.

So, all together, you’ll get the collector’s edition DVD, the autographed companion poster, credits on the film, and the Abbey Road canvas.

We’re making only 200 of these sets. We’ll never make any more.

Also, we won’t make any until we receive at least 100 orders. Your pre-orders will enable us to produce these sets. (We’ll refund your money if we don’t reach 100 orders.) 

Let’s be honest, these pre-sales will help us pay for the productions. We hope you can see the care we take. Suffice to say it takes time and money, and these sales will help us to keep going.

We hope you like this idea, and will consider placing an order. This offer will run until August 15, or until we sell all 200 sets, whichever comes first. We'll then take some time to add all the names to the films, and to create DVD box and accompanying poster. We expect you'll have everything by early October.

Thanks so much. We all really appreciate your kindness, your support and your enthusiasm. We hope we’ll keep earning your trust for a long time to come.


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