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Jem Records Celebrates John Lennon

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In the words of Jem President, Marty Scott...

"It is with great joy I announce the forthcoming release of Jem Records Celebrates John Lennon, an album of unique interpretations of John's songs recorded by Jem artists.

I was working from home in April when I realized this coming October 9th would have been John’s 80th birthday and decided to honor him with a special album. From the Bo Diddley beat of “The Word” to the first fully recorded version of “What’s The New Mary Jane?” by The Weeklings to the acoustic “Child of Nature” merging into “Jealous Guy” by our newest signing, NYC’s incredible Midnight Callers, the tracks both hark back to when John first wrote them and to how new they can sound recorded this summer.

The Grip Weeds take on “Strawberry Fields Forever” is a stunning guitar-laden performance and Richard Barone takes “Revolution” and adds “Power To The People” in the chorus.

How intense can Peter Horvath of The Anderson Council get?

Listen to “I Found Out” and Johnathan Pushkar’s take on "(Just Like) Starting Over” is just beautiful.

Did you ever think the lyrics to “Cold Turkey” would work with the riff from “Hey Bulldog?” The Gold Needles did and they nailed it.

Jem Records Celebrates John Lennon comes out on October 9th on CD, limited edition Red vinyl, download, and streaming services.

Take a listen and enjoy. I am very proud of this record. I will be doing interviews along with artists on the album. Maureen and Nicole Michael are co-ordinating."

Press Release:

John Lennon’s 80th Birthday would have been on October 9th, 2020.  To commemorate the legendary rock icon’s bittersweet milestone, JEM Records is releasing an extraordinary album that very day.

Produced and directed by Jem President Marty Scott, “JEM Records Celebrates John Lennon” features inspired performances of John’s songs by JEM artists:


Renowned music historian Kenneth Womack, who releases John Lennon 1980: The Last Days In The Life in mid-September, penned the following liner notes for the JEM album:

“Jem Records Celebrates John Lennon, provides music lovers with an inventive take on the work of John Lennon, ranging from his early Beatles days through his final recordings in 1980.

As the twenty-first century snakes its uneasy course into an increasingly complex and unknowable future, we need Lennon’s thoughtful and inspiring songs more than ever. Jem Records Celebrates John Lennon offers the panacea that we need in these challenging times.”


At A Glance:


01 - The Word/The Weeklings

02 - Child Of Nature/The Midnight Callers

03 - Jealous Guy/The Midnight Callers

04 - You Can't Do That/The Grip Weeds

05 - (Just Like) Starting Over/Johnathan Pushkar

06 - No Reply/The Gold Needles

07 - Revolution/Power To The People/

       Richard Barone

08 - Strawberry Fields Forever/The Grip Weeds

09 - It Won't Be Long/The Midnight Callers

10 - I Found Out/The Anderson Council

11 - Cold Turkey/Hey Bulldog/The Gold Needles

12 - I Call Your Name/Johnathan Pushkar

13 - What's The New Mary Jane/The Weeklings