Frequently Asked Questions


What are these films?

The films are entertaining, educational multimedia lectures by "Beatleologist" Scott Freiman. He has been giving these presentations to packed houses at theatres, schools, libraries and corporate headquarters around the country. We shot the films at New York's Jacob Burns Film Center, one of the top arthouse cinemas in the United States.

Our 1-minute trailer will give you a good sense of what to expect. You can get full descriptions here.

How can I buy them?

Each film is available on DVD ($19.95) and Streaming ($9.95). To buy, go to the film that interests you (Sgt. Pepper, for example). Choose "DVD" or "Streaming" from the "Format" drop-down menu next to the Buy Button. Then simply complete your purchase.

If you buy the DVD, we typically ship within 24 hours (or first thing Monday if you order over the weekend). If you buy the Streaming version(s), we'll email you the link(s) within a few minutes.

The 4-DVD set is definitely the best deal, since you save about $20 on the combined price of the DVDs, PLUS you get nearly $40 worth of Streaming, free.

If each film costs $9.95, then why does the 4-DVD set cost $59.95? That makes no sense.

The streaming versions are $9.95 each. The DVDs are $19.95 each, so the 4-disc set actually saves you about $20. Plus, when you buy the DVDs, you get the Streaming versions free, so that adds roughly another $40 of value to the 4-film set. There's no question the 4-disc set is the best deal.

Can I watch the Streaming versions as often as I want?

Yes. Do be aware, though, that each Streaming link is valid for one year from purchase. That's quite a lot longer than the 30-day rental on most streaming sites, but the Streaming links do have an expiration date.

I paid for streaming, but didn't get any instructions on how to get it.

We'll send you an email, moments after you place your order, with the streaming link(s) to your film(s). The email comes directly from the CultureSonar shop, and may have ended up in your Spam folder. Please check there first. If you don't see anything from us, just email We'll send you fresh links.

Can I watch the Streaming versions on any device?

You can watch the streams on any connected device. Many folks use devices like Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire to connect their phones or tablets to their big-screen TV. If you have a connected "smart TV," you can watch the films that way, too.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the films?

Absolutely. Just email

What if I have a problem, like a bad disc, damaged package or late shipment?

Just email We replace defectives, no charge, of course.


What is CultureSonar?

We're a blog that focuses on great music, TV, film, events and more -- aimed at folks who've lived a little, and still have plenty more they want to experience. We also produce original video series, podcasts and even films.  

If you want more background, just click here

How long have you been in business?

We started in November, 2015. You can learn more about our team here. The folks behind the company have been doing this for, well, let's just say "a really long time."

How long will it take to get my merchandise?

For items we carry in inventory, like the "Deconstructing The Beatles" DVDs, we typically ship within 48 hours. For the memorabilia, photos and clothing, we produce every item on-demand, so allow roughly 10 days to receive your shipment. In every case, we will notify you when we ship your product. 

What is your return policy?

We want you to be really happy. If you're not, return your merchandise, with your customer info, to:

POB 238/Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Once we receive it, we'll issue a full refund.

Where are your items made?

We choose American manufacturers. Simple as that.

Is it safe to put my credit card number into your website? 

We do everything we can to keep you safe. We don't store any of your credit card information (we leave that to the folks at Shopify, who do this for thousands of businesses) and we will never share your personal information with anyone else.

Do you accept ApplePay?

We do, but Apple has a long list of requirements to make it work. Among other things, you need to be logged into iCloud, on Safari in MacOS Sierra. You also need a valid Credit Card in your Wallet. For the full list of requirements, click here.

What's your privacy policy?

We will never share your information with any third party. We know who you are. And you know who you are. But we won't tell anyone else.

I have other questions. What should I do?

Send us an email to