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About Us

We created CultureSonar to help grownups find cool music, film, TV, books, events and other worthy things. It's for folks who've already lived a little, but have plenty more they want to experience.

There’s a big group of people who are as open as ever, but whose lives are a bit more, well, complicated than before. You know the drill: work, families, obligations and all that. Finding the time and headspace for the new stuff isn’t as simple as it used to be. Plus, it’s impossible to stay on top of it all.

We hope to make it all a little easier for you, by suggesting things we think you’ll like. We’ve gathered a bunch of like-minded people to comb though the chaos and pick out the tasty bits. Sometimes it’ll be pretty mainstream, but maybe overlooked, and sometimes it might be relatively obscure. But we figure if we like it, you might, too.

All of us here are connected with some facet of the arts – so we see a lot of material. And we like talking about it all. CultureSonar gives us a chance to do that.

We have no idea where this will take us; but are really grateful you’re along for the ride.