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"Deconstructing The Beatles"

Scott Freiman combines his love of The Beatles with his experience as a composer, producer and engineer to deliver unique educational films and presentations about the creative process of The Beatles. He moves past the personalities of the four Beatles to uncover the reasons why their music continues to be loved by millions. 

Scott's films transport his audiences into Abbey Road Studio with anecdotes about The Beatles' recording sessions, allowing fans to experience the evolution of The Beatles' groundbreaking albums and songs.

Scott' has entertained audiences of musicians and non-musicians alike, from pre-teenagers to octogenarians. Once you've seen one of these films, you'll never listen to The Beatles or any other music the same way again!

(Just for the record: the views and opinions expressed in the lectures are Mr. Freiman’s, and do not necessarily reflect the views of, nor imply approval from, endorsement of, or any affiliation with Apple Corps., The Beatles, or The Beatles estates.)

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