The Beatles "Chords and Progressions" (DVD)

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The Beatles! They’ve had more hits than any other band. But what are the secrets behind their success? Well, Beatles expert Scott Freiman knows (at least some of) the answers. He shares those secrets with you in Chords and Progressions.

After all, chords ARE magic. They are the foundation of every song. They provide a structure and framework that is fundamental to a song’s form. They also serve as a harmonic canvas for the creation of great melodies and lyrics, especially when used in progressions by master songwriters like the Beatles.

Chords also infuse a song with its emotional impact: joy, sorrow, excitement, anger and, of course, feelings of love. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and even Ringo Starr employed the power of their chords and progressions to achieve staggering success. The chordal techniques they created helped to sell almost a billion albums worldwide, and are still making new fans every day.

In Chords and Progressions, acclaimed "Beatleologist" Scott Freiman explores the Beatles’ chordal songwriting secrets and the music theory behind those progressions. He “deconstructs” more than fifty of their hit songs including Hey Jude, Day Tripper, In My Life, She Loves You and more.

Those of you familiar with Scott's "Deconstructing The Beatles" films will get an extra kick out of this video. He goes even deeper here, diving into the musicology behind these immortal songs. While you don't need to know any music theory to understand what Scott's discussing, it'll be even more rewarding if you do.

Here's a little sample:

Chords and Progressions will help you master the techniques behind many Beatles hits. Then you can apply these songwriting secrets to your songs and you, too, can share some of the Lennon & McCartney magic.

So sit back “Because”, “It Won’t Be Long” before you'll have a “Ticket To Ride” and write hit songs “Eight Days A Week”!

The DVD is about 1 hour, and 20 minutes, and is packed with useful info to thrill your inner music geek.