That's Our Jam!

Even if you don’t play, you can still “jam” with these artisanal products created by a former punk rock drummer! They combine all the best elements of a jam session: unexpected flavor notes, surprising combinations, and tasty licks.

Laura Ann's Jams were born when a rock-n-roll drummer (with culinary roots in Chicago) moved to Los Angeles and became enamored with a new world of exotic fruits, herbs, and other local ingredients. Propelled by the West Coast's noted spirit of openness to experimentation and fearless entrepreneurialism, Laura Ann Masura built a business with inventive flavor combinations, exacting quality, and a riotous word-of-mouth growth in popularity.

Laura Ann’s Jams have been featured on OWN, Jeopardy, the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart, and voted Best Local Jam by Los Angeles Magazine.

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