EXCLUSIVE: Work-in-Progress "Helter Skelter" Lyrics on 1968 Apple Stationery

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This is a one-of-a-kind collectible that brings you just about as close to an original Beatles lyric sheet as you can get.

These lyrics are in an early form -- with different words than the final version, and are typed on official 1968 Apple Corps Ltd. stationery. The typed lyrics came from the estate of Mal Evans, the long-time Beatle roadie and pal who was in the band's inner circle from their days at the Liverpool Cavern, to worldwide fame, and into their solo careers after the breakup.

Evans died January 5, 1976. A letter of provenance is included from the person who obtained the lyrics from the Mal Evans estate. He has served as the rock and roll Auction expert in London for both Sotheby’s and Bonham’s.

You'll receive your package (with free shipping in the USA) directly from the private collector who curated this rare item. Please note this sale is only for the typed lyrics. The handwritten set of lyrics has already been sold separately.