Qi Gong for Low Back Pain (DVD)

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For active folks, creaky backs are pretty common. Happily, there's an all-natural way to help you stay limber and pain-free. 

Created by master instructor Lee Holden, Qi Gong for Low Back Pain is specifically designed to open, stretch, and bring increased circulation to the lower back.

This extraordinarily-effective program, as seen on PBS stations nationwide, uses gentle Qi Gong stretches, core strength-building, and fluid movements to ease back pain -- and prevent it from recurring.

Your body has an amazing capacity for self-healing. Qi Gong helps tap these resources to bring the body into balance and harmony. Join Lee Holden in a four-part sequence of flowing stretches that will open, elongate, and recharge your back  -- and your whole body.

The full set of exercises lasts about 40 minutes. Some are done lying down; some require lying face down; some are performed seated and some are performed standing. 

We're confident you'll love Lee and this program -- and will give you a full refund if you're not satisfied. Of course, consult your own health care provider before you begin any exercise program.