Qi Gong for Upper Back & Neck Pain (DVD)

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Let's face it, modern life can literally be a pain in the neck!

Computers, cell phones and too much pressure from everyday living can create tension, stiffness and pain in our neck and upper back.  The good news is there's an all-natural way to help you feel better. This gentle, flowing Qi Gong routine is specifically designed provide relief from these all-too-common neck and back aches.

Not only can the gentle exercise and stretching of Qi Gong can alleviate tight, tense back muscles, but Qi Gong can also prevent back pain from occurring in the first place.

The Qi Gong for Upper Back and Neck Pain DVD focuses on the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, and neck. Because these muscles are so large, and they work so hard to support your spine, tension often builds in these areas, and energy becomes blocked.

The soft, slow movements of Qi Gong prevent energy and tension from stagnating and becoming trapped in the upper body.

This extraordinarily-effective program, as seen on PBS stations nationwide, uses gentle Qi Gong stretches, fluid movements and deep breathing to ease -- and prevent -- back pain.

The serene, meditative movements that are a fundamental part of Qi Gong also promote a happier mood, increased creativity, and an improved outlook on life.

The Qi Gong for Upper Back and Neck Pain DVD is broken into two exercise segments: a seated routine, performed on the floor, and a standing routine where you'll need enough room to extend both arms out to your sides.

We're confident you'll love Lee and this program -- and will give you a full refund if you're not satisfied. Of course, consult your own health care provider before you begin any exercise program.