Rory Gallagher Guitar Face Photo Print

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Born in Ireland, Rory Gallagher forged a unique mix of Celtic roots and American blues that made him an icon for peers like the Stones and Clapton, and later Brian May, The Edge, and more.  The shy, workmanlike guitarist began his professional life by winning local talent shows and went on to amass upwards of 20 million in record sales. His utter devotion to playing authentic blues was such that his copious stage sweat wore the paint off of parts of his guitar.  Considered “the people’s guitarist,” Gallagher was also acclaimed for launching one of the earliest outdoor rock festivals in Ireland, paving the way for stadium favorites like U2.  Although he died far too young (47) in 1995, Rory Gallagher’s influence continues to be heard in today’s guitar artists.

Gallagher left absolutely nothing on the field. His commitment is on full display here, from the Schaefer Music Festival in New York's Central Park in 1975.

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