Qi Gong for Natural Health

It's hard to call something that's been working for 4,000 years a "secret," but Qi Gong has only recently started to get onto the Western radar. It kinda makes sense, though, since Qi Gong ("chee gong") is all about taking your time...

Qi Gong, which also forms the basis of Tai Chi, stresses slow, fluid movements; deep breathing and a meditative state of mind. In a Rolling Stone interview, none other than Iggy Pop explained it best: "You don't need a funny suit. You don't need to go to a gym. It just gives you a good energy, good flexibility and good circulation."

And who are we to argue with Iggy?

We've gathered several Qi Gong programs here that'll make it really easy for you to incorporate this gentle practice into your daily life.

Seriously, this is not hard. Start with "7 Minutes of Magic," which features a, yes, seven-minute workout that's a perfect introduction to the joys of Qi Gong. We've also got programs that help you go a little deeper; and one on soothing a really common glitch (neck and back pain). If you're ready for the ultimate "deep dive," then check out the classic Qi Gong Pack.

Through it all, you'll have a great guide. 

Lee Holden is a gifted teacher who'll lead you through every step. Lee has been a staple on PBS stations for over 10 years, so he's doing something right! We think you'll enjoy him -- and the many benefits of this simple, effective practice.

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